Tips on Cleaning and De-cluttering Your Closet

Help! My closet is attacking me!

When is the last time you went into your closet and you were able to find everything you needed right away when you walked in? Do things find their way INTO your closet, but never see the light of day, again? If so, well perhaps you might need to consider a closet intervention. No worries, many of us do. I am a bit of a shopaholic. For me, shopping is therapeutic. My closet, on the other hand…. well, not so much! It’s also one of the biggest reasons I spend a little “quality time” with my own closet at the beginning of each season.

Photo of broom, credit: House Cleaning Experts website.

When I clean out my closet, I typically spend a few hours on getting it back into shape. I start by pulling EVERYTHING out of the closet, while following the step-by-step guide. I then take the outfits and group them on my bed by type -slacks, skirts, dresses, blouses…etc. Then, pile for pile, I begin to assess each piece pf clothing. “Do I still like this article of clothing?” – “Have I worn this recently?” If the answer is “No” to either, and I know that I don’t plan on wearing it any time soon, I place the article into the donation pile. As time goes on, our bodies change, our tastes change, and so, if you have clothing in your closet that doesn’t work for you anymore, there is no sense in allowing it to take up valuable space in your closet!

Once you have gone through all your clothes, shoes and accessories, you can then start putting your closet back together. I start with my blouses and shirts and I organize them from short sleeve through long sleeve. Then I move on to pants, skirts and finally, dresses. In each “section” of clothes, the colors are grouped together – reds, blacks, blues, etc. This makes it much easier to find when you are looking for a specific article of clothing. For example, if you are looking for your favorite “little black dress” – you can go straight to the dress section, make your way to the black dresses and easily locate your item.

Once you organize your clothes, you can follow suit with your shoes, keeping all your work and dress shoes in one group and your casual and athletic shoes in another group. When everything is organized with ‘easy access’ in mind and everything becomes simpler to locate, you spend less time stressing over where your favorite shirt is and more time trying to decide where you are going to wear it!

I want to thank Laura Sykes for helping me out with research. She’s the boss lady at House Cleaning Experts in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For any of you that are thinking about getting into the cleaning business or maybe already are, check out Laura’s residential cleaning page. It has a ton of information about services YOU can offer.

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