Photo : Cars 2 and Lightning McQueen

July 12, 2011
Disney, Cars, Movie, Child, Lightning McQueen, children, animation movie

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Image by: Ray

Description: The animated movie from Disney / Pixar, Cars, was directed by John Lasseter in 2006. McQueen is the super hero (his name comes from the actor Steve McQueen who is known for his passion for racing). In the second animated film Cars 2 coming out this summer (July 27, 2011) in 3D, we again find our Flash McQueen. In the movie Cars 2, our superhero Lightning McQueen is promoted secret agent, no less! There are also his famous friend, Martin, still just as funny. Here's a video clip and trailer for the movie Cars 2.

Tag: Disney, Cars, Movie, Child, Lightning McQueen, Children

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