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July 8, 2008

Definition News :
News is an event, fact or novelty that is communicated through several channels. The communication can be personal (to one person to another) or send by media. In the last case a news is something that deserve to be communicated by the audience, because affect every day life.

Synonym News :

Related expression :
news of the world, map of new york, old news, sport news, fashion news, news arround the world, internet news

Related keywords News :

English News : news

Chinese News : 新闻

Spanish News : noticias

French News : nouvelles

Deutsch News : Nachrichten

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About calgary sun news?
I like calgary sun news but i haven’t followed up on news of late, what news do they have about the speeches that bob rae has been giving?
Is ctv news a news channel?
I watched an interesting programme telecasted in ctv news. Can someone tell me more about this channel? Is it a news channel?
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Photos News :
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