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September 27, 2008

Who doesn't know YouTube? It's almost impossible not knowing this site if you are often on internet. Millions of people use it.

YouTube is a site of videos created by fans of videos for videos fans! More and more, internet has in bank videos filmed accross the world that are sent on the site. It can be videos about politics or videos showing the first steps of your child, YouTube is for everybody.

How does it work? It's really simple. You only have to subscribe for free and minutes after you'll be able to send your videos or watch the ones you want. You can download your own videos directly on the site.
YouTube became the number one in terms of international videos. Only available in english, you'll still be able to look at commentary's in french, german, spanish etc.
YouTube is for everybody! The most popular videos are often updated by people working for paparazzis and showing famous people in action! It can be in restaurants, in the streets, in movie sets, intimate places; YouTube allow you to walk into the private lives of the people like it has never been seen before!

YouTube is also more and more used by medias! The journalists often use the site to present news to the population. Maybe you'll be the next to send your report?

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How to put a video on youtube?
I would like to download a video of my music on youtube but i know how it works. Is it hard?
How to make a youtube video?
Hi, I want to make a youtube video, but I don’t know the procedure to make a video. Can somebody tell me the procedure to make a youtube video? Is it difficult?
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