Tomorrow's weather

September 26, 2008

Last month of july was to forget. Bad weather! This is a good resume of the comments told by the vacationers last summer who stayed in their houses.

But dear traveller, don't go thinking that the sky is more blue in the other countries of our planet. Before packing and leave for a sunny destination, why not look at the international forecast? We got our head out of the hole of Fey, then Gustav showed his nose and took more and more force threatening Caribbean and the United States.

And don't forget that another obstacle has showed to hurt the travelling industry : the high cost of gas! And we could have predicted a difficult autumn for drivers since showers and winds damaged the oil company platforms. Guess who's gonna pay for that? And the hurricane season will always come back!

We have to be patient. We don't know what the future has in store for us.

Who knows, maybe the increased prices of the gas will have benefical effects on the environment since more people will leave their car at home.

Look out for tomorrow's weather and take the train or the bus to go to work! And don't forget to consult the Weather network cast !

A big step for your planet and your health!

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Does weather network give free updates?
I have to travel to various place for my work. At times the weather play a spoil sport and my day is wasted. Is it possible to stay updated about the weather of a place before i get there through some weather network?
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