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December 25, 2009

Founded and first published on 1st November 1971, Toronto Sun newspaper is Canadian English daily tabloid type newspaper owned by Sun Media and its publisher being Mike Power. The Toronto Sun newspaper headquarters are based in Ontario, Toronto Canada. Sun media is a subsidiary of Quebecor. Its first editor was Peter Warthington a position today held by Rob Granatstein, who is helped by Lou Clancy, the editor-in-chief and James Wallace, the deputy editor. Toronto sun newspaper, has other sister newspapers also circulating around Canada; The Edmonton Sun, The Ottawa Sun, The Brampton Sun and The York Sun.

The language used in Toronto Sun newspaper is shorter and more interactive than other newspapers. this makes is more fun to read and more educative at the same time. Its editorial position is neo-conservatism in the US and hence will not let economical issues, political and military issues pass it. The Toronto Sun newspaper is best known for its SUNshine girl feature, which will feature a particular woman known or unknown. Unlike other newspapers that sometime feature a topless girl, it has never featured one who is topless.

Daily Toronto circulations are at more than 179,000 copies per working day while more than 310,000 copies on Sundays. Toronto sun newspaper has various nicknames or official names include; the little paper that grew. Its slogan is Toronto's other voice. The news that features also on the newspapers will include; sports, business news and local news, international news and weather. Its also has an online portal where users can still catch up with it.

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