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December 24, 2009

Tagged Home is the third largest social network in the United States of America, since its launch in 2004 it has seen a growth of more than 80 million users. Tagged Home has many services that make it an exciting experience to its registered users, from messaging and video watching to from photo sharing, from playing online games to chatting, even buying gifts for your friends using "gold" that is bought with actual cash from online banks like Paypal.

Tagged Home is a great social network hence a very big platform for those who want to market their products and services to a wide audience. This is however difficult as one need to get the right customers who will be interested in those products and services. This audience should that large in that it guarantees real success. It’s with such that other systems have been developed into getting the right customers for your goods. The Tagged Friend Adder Market Tool, is one of these tools can be used to get the right customers in terms of age, sex, occupation and location.

Tagged Home has marked tremendous growth both financially and user registration, amid many controversies that call it a phishing and spamming website. The Time magazine was recorded calling Tagged Home "The World's most annoying Website" after an earlier way of self-promotion by using email address book of users with their consent. February 2009 saw Tagged Home get blocked in Qatar up to date, after what was claiming to be 'public complains'

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What special features does Tagged home have?
What is new about this tagged home? How do i get the edge over others by using this? Does it have any special features?
Is Tagged a social networking site?
I just registered to tagged after getting to know from a friend. How does it rank as a social networking site? Is it at par with orkut or facebook?
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