December 24, 2009

Tagged is the third largest online social network in the USA, that's after facebook and twitter, and its owned by Tagged Inc. Launched on October 2004 in San Francisco, California by entrepreneurs Greg Tseng and Johann-Scheller-Smith, both from Harvard University, tagged has seen over 80 million user since and still adding.

To use the services on tagged, one must have a valid email address which will be used in the sign up process that gives users free accounts. After a successful sign up, the user can then customize his or her tagged profile in order to be easily recognized by others who might know him or her. Strictness is however done in terms of age. Over 16 aged users can not see profile of 13 and 14 year olds, while those of 15 and 16 years are kept private. Adding a friend on tagged requires one to know the email address or surname of the other user who will have to accept the friend request before the two start interacting.

Registered tagged users enjoy very many services offered, these service include photo sharing, messaging which can be very diverse from 'winks' to 'hugs and kisses', playing online games, watching videos, post their biographies to the public, share their hobbies with others, and many others. Users will be required to be giving updates to the public about their whereabouts or what is happening to them that day in form in form of updates. Users can trace who has been frequently visiting their profiles, and their intentions. Chat and chat rooms are also available. The services are many and keep coming in each to make the lives of the Tagged community more fun.

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Is Tagged a social networking site?
I just registered to tagged after getting to know from a friend. How does it rank as a social networking site? Is it at par with orkut or facebook?
What special features does Tagged home have?
What is new about this tagged home? How do i get the edge over others by using this? Does it have any special features?
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