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Preetam Kaushik
November 10, 2008

Small is beautiful for everything and the newspaper industry has also not been left behind. Tabloids are small newspapers but their actual size is half the size of a normal newspaper (broadsheet).

The first tabloid newspaper to be founded in the world was ‘New York Daily Times’, it was founded in the US in 1919. The tabloid newspaper is normally 17 by 11 inches; tabloid paper size is usually small.

Tabloids are known to feed on sensationalism and they concentrate more on crime, celebrities, picture of stars and articles on sports. The ‘New York Post’ and ‘The Sun’ tabloid are the best examples of tabloids with crass content and screaming headlines.

Tabloids do not write their articles on facts but some tabloids are an exception. Some tabloids call themselves as compact newspapers and they believe that they are reliable like other broad sheet newspapers that have good contents.

Some tabloids like ‘The Globe’ and ‘The National Enrique’ are considered as supermarket tabloids in that their newspapers are mostly distributed in supermarkets.
Characteristics of these tabloids are that they are written a away that their fronts are big and they can be easily read. They have a wide array of photo gallery that is meant to attract readers.

There are tabloids that are more popular with commuters in away that they can be easily read on sub-ways, buses and trains compared to the big newspapers. An example of such a tabloid that is easier to read when commuting is ’The Sun’ newspaper.

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