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October 15, 2008

Do you like american tv shows ? If you watch 4 of the series from the list below, you will find a real treat when watching it !

So, you watch:
Lost ? 24 ? Heroes ? Gossip girl ? Prison Break ? Ugly Betty ? Greek ? America's Next Top Model ? Big Bang Theory ? Desperate housewives ? How I met your mother ? Dirty Sexy Money ? Nip / Tuck ? South Park ? Family Guy ?

This list could be much longer ! But if you watch more than 4 tv show in this list, look at this site; it will blow your mind and change your way to watch tv shows !
There is no need to download or to take the avenue of torrents ! No ! The new era of Internet is to offer free tv show by streaming ! This is real; if you like live tv show,
on the internet (with no cut on the sound or the picture), the quality is excellent !
The site you need is: Sufthechannel ! is a web site which offers all tv shows that you like ! You don't have to download anything, you don't need a program or an inscription. All is free... and it works !

Stop thinking about the time you lose for downloading a tv show ! Here, you can watch directly your favorite shows and you don't have to download it !
This procedure is completly legal, because the site is not hosting tv shows. It just links to others sites that have the tv show in streaming !
This is a revolution ! will save you a big time, because you can watch you favorite show when you want ! Try it, you'll love it !

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What is surf the
My friends send me a lot of videos every week and I was wondering what surf the was exactly?
What is surf the channel TV?
The other day, my friend told me that I can watch any shows in Surf the channel TV. What is it and do I have to pay for it?
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