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Kim Kennedy
September 14, 2009

Schwinn bikes is the top name in racing, mountain and stationary bikes. In Canada there are several fine online stores where you can find all the specs and accessories of the entire range of Schwinn bikes. From the Schwinn road bike to the well known and extremely popular Schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bike, Schwinn bikes have Canadians happily peddling right across the nation.

It might seem strange that a bicycle manufacturer that really made its name in racing bikes now manufactures Schwinn stationary bikes, but not really. The technology is similar and that is why Schwinn branched out into exercise bikes Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike being another typical example. In addition to domestic exercise bikes, Schwinn spin bikes can be found in gyms and fitness studios across the country.

However, it was the Schwinn road bike that put Schwinn on the map. When mountain became popular about a decade ago, it was Schwinn mountain bikes that led the pack. Those are the bicycles that made the name Schwinn famous, and which allowed Schwinn recumbent exercise bikes to be added to the Schwinn range of bicycles.

The internet has changed the way we shop, even for bicycles. There is plenty of information available about Shwinn bikes online in the cycle stores, and also forums and blogs where enthusiastic cyclists and fitness fanatics discuss the vagaries and qualities of Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike use. Best of all, you can find all the cycling accessories and Schwinn parts available in these fine stores and order them online.

Electric Schwinn Bikes

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