Different saving bank and their interest rates

August 6, 2009

There are many types of saving bank. These banks save your money provide you interest on it and give many other facilities with them. USSA savings bank are one of the bank where people save their money and grow their income. United services Automobile Association is a company who deals in all the products of financing sector. This USAA federal savings bank was established in December 30, 1983. USAA was first established by few army officers to insure their vehicles and from then to now this company has frown so high that it’s a well known repudiated financial services company of America. USAA federal saving bank gives many hi-tech services to their costumer like internet banking, credit cards, ATM and other financial products to save their hard earned money easily at a one place conveniently. Saving banks which are specially designed for business class is known as commercial saving banks. These saving banks serve the business class and give them banking services for business purposes .They provide ATM's, commercial loans, online services, deals in their financial instruments like bills of exchange Cheque and give them many other facilities. Commercial savings bank generally deals with corporate houses and business associations and gives them their best financial services.

American savings banks are known for their good and reliable services to their costumers. American savings bank is the Hawaii’s first financial institute established in 1925.This bank provides personal, business investment and insurance facilities to their costumers. They meet all their financial needs at one place. Slogan of American bank is "Committed to the communities we serve", they believe in serving their costumers traditionally. They serve according to their costumer requirements in saving accounts itself they have three types of Accounts for their different costumers Traditional Passbook Savings Accounts, Statement Savings Account and Christmas club. People can choose their financial product in American savings bank accordingly.

Royal bank is a bank which gives convenient banking to their costumers at every step. Royal bank savings accounts is smart choice as they provide many facilities like online banking, high interest rate on every single dollar they invest in their account with royal saving bank accounts. They provide special premium interest on high savings more then $5,000 which suits to all costumers who have heavy amounts to save in their accounts. This royal grows your money everyday. When so many options are available to save your money then costumer have a wide choice and they prefer to save their money after considering account rates. Bank savings accounts rates matters when people want to open a saving bank account so it’s better to search and then invest your money at the best suitable place. Generally saving banks are meant to increase the habit of savings in people so that they can save and grow their money at the same place. Saving accounts with any bank can be opened with name of any body at very minimum balance. This is the most convenient account to save your money with the facilities.

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