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Madge T
August 3, 2009

Rogz for dogs is the coolest pet stuff you can find. New in concept and design, the Rogz for Dogz brand (yes, they use the "z" in dog) might just take over the imagination of the dog-loving public! Whimsical, colorful and very high quality, the Rogz pet people have brought together funky design and high quality features to make irresistible pet products with outstanding value and cachet.

Take a little thing like a dog collar and tag. The Rogz dog collars have charming cartoonish doggie designs (they make products for katz, too) in bright colors, but they also have practical features like reflective stripes and rugged construction. The Rogz harness is a fully adjustable step-in harness, so that you do not have to subject your pupz to having that hated material grate over their sensitive heads and ears. The Rogz tag, which they call a "passport," is waterproof, non-metal, and silent, while still being visible and readable. And for a special treat for your doggy BFF, take a look at the rogz dog beds, which they call "podz." Like a portable crib, these beds fold up into a guitar-like case and then can be assembled quickly into a doggy daybed, so well-constructed that a human baby would be comfortable in it.

The rogz site at www rogz has products for katz and pupz, too. Don't forget to check out the yotz - fancy-dancy toys for dogs that include heavy-duty stuffed animals and a hard plastic chew bone, all in distinct pastels. Funny, trendy, and with just a few sites in North American, many more in Europe, rogz com may soon bring the retail product line closer to you. One of these days, they may expand to rogz pet products - it would be welcomed by gerbils, hamsters, and pet birds!

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What products can i get at the pet product company rogz?
What products can I get at the pet product company Rogz? Does Rogz sell only large dog products or does it manufacture small animal products too?
Where can I buy rogz dog beds?
I am interested in buying Rogz dog beds for my dogs but I do not know where to buy these products from? Can I buy them online or do I have to visit a distributor?
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