Scientific research is important

December 6, 2008

Research is the investigation that takes place in laboratories or offices. There are two types of research; that is scientific and social research. Scientific research is completed in laboratories and social research is completed in an office setting using special software or in a write up and investigates societal problems. Both types of research are equally important to man.

Scientific research is very important when it comes to our health. In a research centre several scientists may be working together to come up with medicine or ways to combat a certain type of disease. Cancer research is one important ongoing research project. Many countries have set up research centers and institutes for research into all kinds of problems; like cancer research UK or Canadian cancer research. Most of the people who work in these centers is highly qualified, with most holding masters to ph d level education in their field. Knowledge of molecular biology is indispensable for this kind of job.

Another very important research work that is very new but which holds a lot of promise in combating the most difficult diseases known to man is stem cell research. Stem cell technology and treatment has been found to heal many of the most difficult diseases of modern man including most cancers, fibromyalgia, heart diseases and even to keep people younger. But it is remains controversial with certain people and some religious and political groups. However the excellent results that have been achieved are expected to convince more people to accept its wider use.

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