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June 9, 2010

Women always loved fashionable and signature handbags. Like makeup and jewelery, handbags have a way of enhancing beauty. It could also connote a certain social or financial status, achieved through hard work, or inheritance. In the low-income individuals, purchasing priced quality handbags is always being a dream. But not today, with thousand of online auctions on brand-named replica handbags are so rampant. Any one who is crazy with handbags can now acquire more than one piece of AAA quality handbags with whooping price of as low as $199.95. Available bags on the Internet markets are the popular brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, Prada, Versace, etc., name it, they got it. Replica handbags are considered as practical to choose especially if women are really into it, buying different styles according to what’s in. Unfortunately, buying faked or counterfeited handbags means tolerating the acts of crime in producing them. It can hurt the trademark of the designer, the brand name and the copyright. To distinguish the copycat handbags replica handbags are easy. Here are some simple tips:

a. Color- like a designer brand, replica handbag’s color is even and does not fade in any weather condition. Unlike the fake handbags can be easily detected by the uneven spread of color and dye. b. Stitch- the stitches of replica items of designer products are fine and carefully sewn while the fake can easily be seen because of their big and carelessly styled stitches. c. Texture- the quality of the materials used in designer replica handbags is smooth and silky compared to the flea market quality handbags that are sometimes rough and hard. d. Weight - the ideal weight of the replica are light after undergoing some weight quality control while the fake handbags are distinguished heavy. e. Store - signature handbags cannot be found in any flea markets or online-auction sales. In every state or city, there are franchised dealers that a buyer can order and purchase the desired model of a handbag with warranty. Compared to the fake handbags that can be bought in any shopping malls or flea markets.

Overall, the distinction of the designer products from replicas has a little bit gaps in terms of quality, but speaking of the fake products has big difference when compared to the designer and replica products.

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Where to buy Hermes handbag online?
I love Hermes handbags and i want to buy one online. I want to buy a real Hermes handbag, not a replica. Can you suggest me a secure site?
What gift to send my sister?
My sister's birthday is coming, I'm thinking what a gift. My sister is very like handbag, but i don't know what's material handbags she love. I'm seeing a web site, there are many cheap and fashion genuine leather handbags. At the same time, I also see the e-bay. If you are my sister, what material handbags you like more? If them style are some, fashionable! Please give me some advice, thanks :]
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