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July 22, 2011

Reno Depot store is one of the renowned stores in Canada. Reno is a leading distributor and retailer of hardware, gardening and home improvement products. The company sells tools, wood, construction material, lamps and different variety of colors and paint. The company provides Quebec renovators with variety of hardware items which come at a cost effective way. Started in 1933, the company has more than 700 stores across Canada and the company was acquired by Rona Inc in 2003.

Reno Depot store provides simple, reliable and worry free installation for the Quebec installers. The company provides good quality products for kitchens, decks, roofings, flooring, bathrooms and also quality doors and windows. Apart from this, the Reno depot stores have certified professionals who can take care of electricity fittings, painting, building sheds, and installation of various hardware and electrical equipments. The company also has 16 warehouse stores and promises to provide the lowest cost home improvement products in Quebec.

To find store locations of Reno Depot in your neighborhood, just visit the company home page: and go to the link “find a store”. Select the name of city and the website will display the contact details of the stores, opening hours along with an indicative map. For example, for Reno Depot Rosemere stores, select Rosemere from the drop down list of the cities. It will display address, phone number and opening hours of the store along with a map.

Reno Depot stores are certainly one of the best hardware stores across Canada. With the large number of stores, they are certainly accessible by people from everywhere in Canada.

We suggest to visit : Reno-Depot Store

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