May 10, 2009

Your old refrigerator may be costing you money that you do not have to spend? Why is that? The older models of refrigerators may still work, however they use up a lot of additional energy that does not have to be used! By purchasing a newer refrigerator, you can save up to eight $800 on your electric bill! The refrigerator models that are past a certain date, which is usually around the mid-90s', use too much electricity. The newer models use a far less amount!

Want to find out which refrigerators will save you the most money? Go to! They have it down right to the exact type of refrigerator model that will be able to save you the most money! They even checked out which types of refrigerators use the least amount of electricty. A bottom freezer refrigerator and a regular standard one, seem to use the least amount of energy. Also, the LG refridgerator and GE do not use as much energy as well!

To find some of the best refridgerators on sale, you can go to Sears! They always have the top of the line refrigerators as well as the newest refrigerator models! Sears also has sales fairly often and these sales will get you a great, energy efficient refrigerator at a great price! Home Depot carries some nice ones as well! They often have sales on refrigerators too! You can also look at for great prices on great refrigerators.

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How To Save with ENERGY STAR Appliances - The Home Depot:

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