Recliner with wireless technology

November 11, 2009

When you are relaxing at home and you want to be able to use your iPod, iPhone or your laptop while you are in your recliner, you often have to use wires, electrical outlets and more! Now you do not have to when you have a recliner that comes with wireless technology! This particular type of recliner is great and you will find that having a recliner with wireless technology in your home is very beneficial! It will make your life a lot more convenient when you have a recliner that uses wireless technology.

A recliner with wireless technology comes with a 915MHz wireless sound system! It can transmit signals up to 65 feet from it! You can also hook up eight of these recliner chairs will wireless technology at once so that you and your friends can enjoy video games or movies wirelessly! This great recliner with wireless technology also has massage motors, built in speakers and a dock for your MP3 player too! It is so easy to use and you will love how you can do all kinds of things with it!

The recliner with wireless technology costs about $300 to $400 depending on which one that you buy. There are two different versions of the wireless recliner. You can take a look at both of them at! It is an exclusive from the Brookstone collection and you will not want to miss this at all! Look today and get your recliner with wireless technology!

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I am looking for a new reclining chair, something that will let me lie back and put up my feet. Where can i get a comfortable recliner?
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