Rafters - Make The Roof Strong

July 12, 2009

A rafter is known as the series of sloped structural members that extend from the ridge to the down slope and designed for support the roof deck and its associated load. It is a type of beam that supports the roof of a building or house. A house roof rafter design is made with special care and it is made of wood. Exposed rafters are a featured of old roof styles. It is very important to know how to build a roof rafters because if the rafter of the roof is not built properly the roof is not become strong and hold the weight of any kind.

Building roof rafters are made with special design and material because the roof of the building must be very strong. There are two types of roofs one is gable roof that is built with common rafters and a hip roof is mostly depend on the length of the building that are most probably are four common rafters and all the other rafters in the hip are called hip and jack rafters. The roof rafter construction is very technical and need special care if in case of any minor mistake the whole structure of the roof is decamped.

Rafter span table is a way of measurement by which they find the length, and the span is found by measuring the width of the building in this way they get the exact size of span. Rafters are the base of any roof and it must be constructed with good material and carefully so the roof of the any building remains strong. However, it is difficult process but after taking some quality time you get the good result from it.

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Where to find rafters?
My home needs some new rafters. Where can i look online for this type of help? can i order custom rafters?
How can i build rafters?
Can you tell me where i can go in order to learn how to build rafters? That would help me out a lot! Thanks!
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