The Quicksilver Clothing Company

Rachel W
October 7, 2009

Quicksilver is a name brand of clothing that anyone in the surf world couldn't help but know of. Originally founded in Australia in the 70s, Quicksilver now has its headquarters in California in Huntington Beach. Quicksilver surf clothes were the first to catch on. They offer superior quality wetsuits that will keep you warm in deep waters and stay stylish. The surfer style spawned the invention of the board short, which is worn as bathing suit bottoms for both women and men. Quicksilver board shorts are made of comfortable materials that allow for a lot of movement and won't weigh you down when wet.

Quicksilver Surf

Quicksilver also has a very popular clothing line which is worn whether at the beach or not. Quicksilver clothing is for men and women and manages to be stylish and affordable. A Quicksilver shirt for a girl emphasizes the body shape, whereas a men's shirt might focus more on the design and the logo. Quicksilver shirts are common at any beach and board shop, even up in Canada.


Quicksilver clothes also include accessories. Quicksilver sunglasses are very popular among beach lovers and it makes sense that a sun, sand, and surf loving company would make them. Quicksilver has become such a consumer favorite that they eventually created an all-girl line named Roxy Quicksilver which features bikinis, skirts, and even hoodies. Quicksilver recognized that there was a huge untapped market for winter clothes and also began to design and manufacture snowboarding gear. Ski hills in Canada are full of people dressed in the brand.

Quicksilver Clothing

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