Participate in poem contests and win instant cash

December 18, 2010

Do you love to write poems? Then you can perhaps win thousands of dollars everyday if your poems get selected as the best poem in any of the poem contests which you may find online. There are many websites which offers poem writing contests and you could win thousand of dollars from these.

Some of the websites from where you can find poetry contests for money are, and You can participate in the contests by just writing the poem which you think is the best. One of the important advantages of online poetry contest is the prize money and the scope of poetry strengthens to a large global users. In addition to participating in the poems contest, if you have the passion of poetry, then you can also publish your poetry online in various online publishing websites. One of the advantages of publishing the poems in the websites is that you can earn a fixed time royalty from the websites through the clicks of the advertisements. One such website is Although you may not get the bulk cash as prize at the time of submitting or winning the poetry contests, you would earn royalty throughout lifetime if the visitors return to your poetry page and click on the adverts.

So it is up to you which one do you prefer – participating in poem contest for money or earn royalty by posting your poems in the websites. However, be aware of the scam websites which do not fetch anything.

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Poem for my dad
I want to write a poem to celebrate my dad's birthday. He loves sports. Could you help me find a nice poem for dad?
Poem of friendship for a birthday
I would like to write a poem for my best friend's birthday and i need your advice on this. Tell me how to do it to make her very happy!
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