Platform Bed-King & Queen Size

November 1, 2009

A platform twin bed is a good sleeping solution. These beds are made from different material as: solid Maple wood, Pine solids, veneers, Tropical Mahogany solid wood and so on. Quality Platform twin bed offers you years of good-nights sleep as well as the comfort at home. These beds are available with extra deep drawers for the storage spaces as you needed. Some come with double arch footboards, storage drawers, innovative modern designs and so on. Wood or metal bed platforms can be either king or queen sized.

Well, queen size platform beds come with a variety of styles as each has its own specific features which make them extraordinary in quality and use. Some styles names are Africa platform bed, Alba leather platform bed and Andy style 2 platform bed. You can get one with drawers or without drawers. The price range of kind beds are from $229.00 to $1698.00.

Moreover, for the master and larger guest room king size platform beds can be stylish items. you can choose either leather beds or Japanese inspired king size platform beds and these beds will give you an option to add decorative accent pieces in them as footboard and storage options. Cheap platform bed frames are adjustable and can have the space for drawers under the frame if you don’t want to waist the space under your bed. These are simple, modern & inexpensive frames that can be made of fiberboard or metal. You can get one cheap from online stores that are offering discounts on this product but with guarantee.

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