Make A Grand Entrance With A Pivot Door

Scott N
October 7, 2009

Pivot door entrances are similar to a normal door with a few exceptions. There are three types of pivot doors. There is the centerline pivot, which hinges in the middle of the door, and the door rotates on the hinge, there is an offset hinge, which is similar to a normal hinge, and there is the jamb hinge, which connects directly to the door jamb, and is sometimes hung by wires or bars.

Many doors will be opened by an online search

There are few different types of pivot shower doors. The frameless pivot shower door is mounted directly to a wall using pivot door hinges. The door pivot used on a shower door gives it a nice look, and allows for glass to be hung with a closer door seal. There is a lot of pivot door hardware available to make that perfect shower design. A large variety of pivot door hinges allows you to customize your shower door for that clean, and luxurious look you want. The glass door pivot hinge has a very subtle appearance, and blends right in with the rest of the look of the bathroom, or shower. Pivot door slides are usually utilized in showers doors.

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Pivot hinges transfer the weight of the door to the floor when installed at the top and bottom of the door, this makes it easier to operate a larger door with less effort while also extending the life of the installation. Door pivots have many different uses in the home, and are also used a lot in kitchen cabinets. You really should consider using pivot hinges for your doors. They offer a cleaner look and are better designed to handle the weight load of any door. They are priced reasonably and a large variety of pivot door hinges are available.

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