Do you know what it is pirate bay?

October 2, 2008

pirate bay
Download games, videos and music is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated benefits of the Internet, along with the search for information, off course. And I have already write in others articles that many artists decided to upload his songs and records on the web, either in his websites or on their MySpace profile, or in others sites, they decide to with the flow. Such as Oasis did this week, who put his complete new record in his MySpace profile.

But apart from these individual decisions, if your favorite artist is against internet, there are sites like The Pirate Bay torrent, the largest site for torrent files (those that are shared). According to his description in his website, www the pirate bay org, is the largest torrent tracker in the world. In their search engines you can find the largest database of torrents -not the files-, and ensure that you will download the content that said in the file’s name and not another, because they have a strict policy of quality and they remove those files that do not accomplish this basic premise.

So if instead of going to MySpace you want to download the Oasis album, you already have the online direction of the pirates bay.

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pirate bay pirate bay

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