The Top Ten Famous People Named Peter

July 24, 2009

Who is your favorite famous person? Many people like movie stars or singers or even authors. There are so many different types of famous people. You can find many lists of famous people on the internet. Just use a good search engine and search for famous people lists or top famous people. Some of the most famous people are named Peter. There are so many people with the name peter that you’d be surprised.

Famous peters
If you do a search on the internet you will find that many Peters are famous. If your favorite is peter Jackson then you will be surprised that he is on many lists on the internet. Also, peter rabbit is very popular and on many lists. Probably one of the most famous is Peter Gabriel. You can even look online and find Peter Gabriel lyrics. Peter Gabriel is a great singer and if you haven’t heard of him then look up his songs, too.

Different peters
If you love the peter pan author then you can find that on a list, too. Peter green is another famous one. There are so many different peters to be a fan of. A lot of people are even fans of peter Forsberg. With so many to choose from maybe your favorite is pete rose? He was very famous in baseball. Peter max is also very famous. It doesn’t matter which Peter you are looking for, just search the internet and you will find many different websites on the one that you are looking for.

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Where to get a peter cottontail book?
I want a peter cottontail book or, really, i want like 6 so i can give one to each of the little kids in my family. Where do i get peter cottontail books?
Looking for easter videos
I'm looking for easter videos like peter cottontail or peter rabbit. Where can i find these classic easter videos online?
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