Oatmeal face masks

May 6, 2010

When you feel like your skin is very rough you can get an oatmeal face mask to help to smooth your face as well as to soothe it too! There are some face maks that you can find in the beauty aisle of local store that have oatmeal in them! There are also other types of oatmeal based products such as shampoos, lotions and body washes. These are all great for soothing your skin! Oatmeal is often found in baby shampoos and body washes as well because of how they can smooth and soothe the skin!

You can also look into making oatmeal face masks at home! There are many different combinations that you can use in order to make oatmeal face masks. For instance, you can make oatmeal face masks using milk and oatmeal! These are both very nourishing for the face. You can also mix oatmeal and honey and place it on your face for about ten minutes or so. After you wash it off you will find that your face is nice and smoothe! You will also feel fresh and revitalized as well!

Oatmeal can be mixed with both milk and honey too to get an extra soothing effect! If you already have these items in your home you should try making an oatmeal face mask today! It can soothe, smooth and even revitalize your skin and your skin tone! Try it out today! You can make your very own oatmeal face masks or you can look at your local store for some too!

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