Requirements of a New born Baby

October 22, 2009

A newborn baby is a gift from nature. A new born baby in the family brings hope that lies with the nature in humanity. A normal healthy baby is the one with full term in the womb. Normal baby weight varies between 2.7kg-4.6kg. The body is covered with streaks of blood and sometimes with a white covering. The shoulders and hips of the baby are narrow as compared to the abdomen that is slightly protruding. In the first minute of the birth, baby’s senses are checked and the normal baby is categorized accordingly. This is the Apgar score. The skull of the newborn baby is relatively larger than the face. There are soft spots on the cranium that later join within few weeks of birth. The skull changes its shape to adjust when it passes through the birth canal. The shoulders and the back sometimes have hair called Lanugo and this later disappears.

New born baby diapers should absorb moisture for a long time. A baby packed with wet diapers leaves the soft skin red and rashes irritate the new born. On long outings the extra diaper and bottle of measured lukewarm water should be in the bag.

Babies grow quick and every moment that passes leaves unforgettable memories. Newborn baby photos are the best way to capture those precious minutes. The gifts of the newborn baby are mainly focused on the daily needs like rattling toys, colorful small toys that reflect light. Newborn baby clothing consists of the dry wrapping sheet, loose natural fiber clothes that are not body sticking.

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