April 21, 2009

The television show of MASH will always be remembered. This television show was a hit and has been for years! It was first scene in 1970. It wsa actually adapted from a book that was written in 1968. The book was about a hand full of doctors during the war. The MASH tv show was filmed in California. It was one of the most watched shows ever! It broke a record though when it had its' very last episode in the year 1983. That final show was the most watched tv episode ever!

Now you can watch MASH reruns on TV Land every single day! You can also purchase MASH on DVD at sites such as Why is MASH still so popular? Perhaps it is because this show brings to life the human heart and mind. It is a show that makes you feel included as well as that you can understand.

You can look up everything about MASH at the web site: You can also look online to find an entire list of each and every MASH episode. This list is very detailed and will make it very easy for you to find the particular episode that you may be looking for. Are you major MASH fan? If you are, you can get a MASH ringtone! You can download right from your cell phone or you can go online and do a quick MASH ringtone search. Within seconds you can have that famailiar favorite as your ringtone!

Alan Alda on "M.A.S.H":

mash memories:

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