Mandoline slicers

September 1, 2009

When you are chopping vegetables you need a mandolin food slicer! What can this do for you? A mandoline food slicer such as the OXO Good Grips can chop up your veggies as well as other foods fast, efficiently and much easier too! There are different blade choices so that you can find the food slicer with the blade that you would use the most! There is the v blade mandoline slicer that can chop your veggies into small, fine pieces!

Most mandoline slicers are not electric but they are still very easy to use! Once you use a mandoline food slicer you will never want to go back to manually chopping your vegetables! Also, mandolin slicers are very easy to clean too! Most come apart in a simple manner and you can put many of them in the dish washer too! Look for Cuisinart mandoline slicers at! Kohls often has their mandolin vegetable slicers and other kitchen devices on sale!

To find out what the best mandolin slicer is you can go to! You can read reviews, compare prices and features of all types of mandoline slicers! If you go to you can most likley find one of these gadgets for less than half of the original price! Look today and make your cooking life a whole lot easier! Once you have used a mandoline slicer you will not want to pick up a chopping knife again! Try it out and see for yourself!

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