The mail system was invented in 1653 in France by De Valayer.

May 28, 2007

Mail has come a long way since since the idea of the mail order brides came about. The first envelopes were made of cloth, animal skin, or even vegetable parts by the Babylonians. The mail system was invented in 1653 in France by De Valayer, who set up mailboxes and would deliver mail, if people bought the envelopes from him.
Today mail has even become virtual with the invention of webmail. webmail was a way for the military to comunicate with each other over a network. Today almost everyone we know has an email account or email accounts, or, uses someone elses email acount. Anywhere you go today people ask you for your email address. I was in bath and body works the other day and the sales clerk asked me for my email addresss. Oulook express mail has evolved, it used to be that you'd get a couple of emails a week if you were lucky, and now you can't make them stop. You don't even have time to read all your email correspondence much less look at the free e mail cards you receive and decipher which ones are junk mail and which ones are genuine emails from friends and family.

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Can be used to login into yahoo mail?
I log into yahoo mail through yahoo home page. However, i saw my friend today using the url to login. Is it alright?
Is mail delivery service better option?
I’ll be sending a larger item of parcel international. just wondering if which mail delivery can serve better and quickly which is not too much costly. is a regular mail service a good choice? If compared to courier services, which is better and less costly?
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