Even via e-mail, a letter of invitation should be inviting

November 4, 2008

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Let's face it, we wouldn't have much to read these days if Marcel Proust or Madame de Sevigné had been hooked on Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook Express. There was a time when peoples enjoyed writing long epistles, to reach out to friends and share the small events of their daily life. Now, of course, we have MSN, and keeping in touch is far more easier, albeit we've probably lost a lot of romanticism in the process.

Peoples don't write anymore, it's a fact of life, yet there are moments when knowing how to play with words is still important... when writing a letter of invitation for example. No matter the reason or the occasion, letters of invitation should always be what they're supposed to be: an incentive.

A conference letter of invitation should convince the recipient of the importance to attend; and an official letter of invitation must convey all the solemnity of the event. Since most of us appear to have lost their way with words, it would be wise, should the need arise, to check the Web for a sample of an invitation letter, just to make sure we carry the message across efficiently. Let's refrain from copying verbatim the example of letter of invitation we've found on the net though, it would lack the personal touch and likely miss the target entirely.

So the best course of action is probably to seek examples but rephrase our letter of invitation in our own words, to make sure the message reflects both the sender, and the purpose. Then we can click ''Send''.

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  1. Satish 2010-01-18 22:29:36

    Default i am planning to participate one of the social event which is going to be held in March 2010 in Vancouver Canada however I have no idea to schedule of invitation letter in order to process visa So I would be obliged if you kindly assist me in this regards

Where can I get party invitation letter sample?
Where can i get party invitation letter sample? I host different types of parties at home and always run at the last moment to find samples of invitation. Can you help me with some? Thanks!
I need some wedding invitation letter samples.
My cousin is getting married next month. I have been given the responsibility of invitation of guests. I urgently need some wedding invitation letter samples. Please help. Thank you.
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