La Baie store in Montreal

December 1, 2008

la baie store
la baie store
La Baie is one of the largest stores in Montréal and is undoubtedly one of the most complete variety on products for this Christmas. Household appliances, bazaar products, electronics, household products (bathroom, kitchen, furniture, linens, among others) are in this huge store and, of course, all gifts for this holiday season are at their website:, which is available in English and French.

If you choose French, in the section of the Magasins La Baie, you can make purchases online in a very easy way, because you have everything that you may need organized by brand and even by top ranked and top sellers. Also you can purchase a gift card. And if you want to know what is new in to the store you can also do it through this section and see New Arrivals. Another of the services that you find in La Baie is the catalogue, which is also available online. La Baie Montreal is the same company as The Ontario Bay, and it belongs to Hudson Bay Company, one of the mayor corporation in North America.

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la baie store la baie store

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What is la baie magasin?
Someone can explain to me what is magasin la baie? Is the store or other business related? Thanks for the answer.
Can you tell me how to find La Baie in Montreal?
I heard it's the oldest store in Canada and would like to know where I can find La baie in Montreal.
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