June 1, 2007

Many different types of people from different walks of life can be considered kings. They are people that stand for something, or stand out within their particular field of work or study. Some are from our own century, and others came before us. Read on to find out about a few of these great people.
king Arthur – The legend of king Arthur appears to have come from a warrior named Arthur, who is said to have fought in 12 battles including one in mount baddon and the City of the Legion. A brave man he is said to have been.
Martin Luther king Jr - Born in 1920. He was a church minister, but is most know for his stand against racism. In 1964 he won the Nobel peace prize for his work against racism. And in 1965 he became the first black to receive Time Magazines man of the year award. In 1968 he was assassinated.
Stephen king - The great Stephen king is a wonderful author and film director. It is almost impossible not to have read one of his books or watched one of his films. His films are usually the kind you can't stop watching, they are that thrilling.
Carole King - Became a great songwriter and musician as a teenager in 1961. Her music dealt with love, rejection and jealousy.
Gipsy kings – Are a group from Arles and Montpelier France. Their parents fled the Spanish civil war. They are essentially gipsy musicians from that area of Spain. They became well known in the 80’s
Los Angeles kings – The great ice hockey kings of Los Angeles. Need I say more about their field of expertise?

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