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October 5, 2010

Online classifieds play a crucial role in bringing together the sellers and buyers at one place. One of the biggest advantages of the online classifieds over the paper classifieds is that the buyers can browse through a list of buyers which sell items globally and as a seller, you can also expand the business by reaching out to buyers who could be outside your city. In short, the online classifieds help the sellers to reach to the global customers. There are many online classifieds available. One of them is Kijiji. Kijiji has websites which are available city specific. For example, Kijiji Toronto is a site which caters to the listings of Toronto city.

You can list anything and everything in Kijiji, from CDs to a real estate property. Each of the items is being categorized under special heads. Most of visitors look for real estate properties. They can browse through houses for sale in Toronto. If you are looking for a rental property, then you can also find out apartments for rent in Toronto. Apart from the rental and sale properties, there are many users who look for the dogs for sale in Toronto to have different pets, and they also look for used cars for sale in Toronto. Apart from the residents of Toronto, it is also beneficial for the visitors to this city as they can also find list of car rental Toronto. Kijiji is also used by job seekers as they can find out various listings for part time jobs in Toronto.

Kijiji is an important online classified and is extremely beneficial to the users.

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s kijiji actually based on toronto?
Is kijiji actually based on toronto? Was it made by a canadian person? Is it true that they sell auctions throw ebay?
Can I use Kijiji Toronto to sell items?
I live in the Toronto area and would like to sell a few items. I would like to know if Kijiji is available in Toronto.
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