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December 17, 2011

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Kijiji is one of the famous online classified website which displays advertisements relating to different categories ranging from CDs to real estate, or even job. The website is well known for its online classifieds or advertisements and is a one-stop solution for those who want to buy/sell anything over the internet without even looking for the buyers or sellers at home or elsewhere. Apart from this, the site also offers variety of community activities which are based on the personal interests of the people.

The most interesting feature about this site is that they operate in the form of micro sites at different countries or states. In addition to the state specific micro sites, the site also operates for different respective counties in the state. For example, for the province of Ontario, the classified operates different websites for different counties, say for Barrie area of Ontario or for Sarnia area of Ontario. Although these sites are meant for the local classifieds, the users may post their classified advertisements in the other portals which belong to different counties. For example if a user is looking to post an advert for Cornwall area, he may go to post the advertisements in Kijiji Hamilton Ontario or Kijiji Kingston Ontario websites. Perhaps, Kijiji Toronto Ontario is the busiest of the Kijiji sites where people post more classified advertisements than others.

Another interesting feature of this site is the simplicity with which the adverts are posted in the websites. The website is highly interactive and the adverts are posted in no time. In addition to this, the ad posting service is available free of cost, which is another reason that the platform is so much popular.

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Is Kijiji London any good for advertising?
Is there actually such a thing as Kijiji in London? I hear people talk about it but I can't believe that London, Ontario justifies an online classifieds.
Does Kijiji in Kapuskasing exist to buy and sell?
For those of us in Northern Ontario, is there a way to use Kijiji to buy and even sell things in Kapuskasing?
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