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October 3, 2010

Are you looking to post an advertisement for selling your property in Montreal? Then Kijiji Montreal is one of the best places where you can post your classified advertisements for free of cost. Like other classifieds, Kijiji is also a classified, which brings the sellers and buyers in the same platform. In Kijiji, the sellers can post an advertisement for anything which they want to sell. It could be anything, from books to a property. The items on sale are listed under several categories, and the buyers who are looking for that particular item browse through and find the items. The buyers can not buy the items from Kijiji, however, the classified has the contact details of the sellers with whom the prospective can buy the item.

Most people in Montreal feels that Kijiji is a local classified. However, this is wrong. Kijiji is available separately for many cities, and Montreal is definitely one place. Kijiji plays a crucial role to increase your real estate dealings. If you have any houses for sale in Montreal, then you can definitely post the ad on Kijiji. The website presents some of the exciting deals for real estate. You can find the condo Montreal or apartments for rent in Montreal very easily. In addition, you can also find Montreal vacation rentals listed in this classified website which provides vital information about the vacation rentals.

The website is available both in English and French. Petites annonces Montreal is a translated version of the classified website.

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For Kijiji in Montreal, how can we buy or sell things?
I want to buy and sell a few things and was wondering if it would be safe and a good idea to use Kijiji in Montreal?
Sale of car listed on mutiple kijiji sites, i.e. Kingston, Montreal & Toronto - not just Ottawa
I'm selling a car and would like to list the sale on multiple kijiji sites i.e. Kingston, Montreal & Toronto along with Ottawa Kijiji. Why is it that I can't list it for more exposure in different cities? Thank you !
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