Kijiji Canada Makes it Easy To Bargain Locally

Lara G
September 20, 2009

Kijiji Canada classifieds ads should be your best friend whether you are a bargain shopper or have a little extra to spend. On www kijiji Canada com, people post used or new goods, advertise their services, and even offer trades or free items. You can make a little extra money by posting your own extra items or offering time to tutor, garden or babysit. Ads work both ways on kijiji, so pursue what people want before posting your item and you might get a better price with less work. Another advantage for posters and purchasers is that kijiji uses an online form to let you contact the poster right from the ad page!

Kijiji is highly localized to Canadian regions, so using kijiji London Canada, won't leave you stuck trying to get a couch home from Toronto. Even outside of Ontario, kijiji is popular; kijiji BC Canada boasts 11 regions, kijiji NB Canada has 6, and Nova kijiji canada has 7. If you aren't represented, just ask kijiji to add your region, and in the meantime, see if the posters in other regions actually list their address as much close to yours.

The best ways to use kijiji are a) to find a specific service or product, b) to browse used goods, and c) as a way to find a new job. Whether you need a new car or are looking for a wedding photographer, kijiji uses great categories (cars are separated out by price) that will let you find what you need. Keep an eye on the postings for a few weeks, and you will probably find success, if not, you can always post a want ad! Kijiji Canada used goods postings usually have photos, and also list where in the region the poster resides, this lets you get a great online preview, as well as helping to decide if it is worth contacting the poster. Since postings are free, small companies or individuals looking for full or part time help advertise on kijiji Canada classified more often than on expensive job sites.

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  1. You Suck at Kijiji 2009-11-20 21:50:00

    Default You're right, Kijiji is full of nuts. Some awesome bargains there to be had, though, if you're shopping. Selling is a tricky experience. I'm actually a bit of a fan of the kooks, though. I highlight them at <a href="">You Suck At Kijiji</a>. Always good for a laugh.

What is the url for www.Kijiji in Canada?
I like the site Kijiji. It is free and really easy to use. I have one problem though; I can never remember the address. What is the url for Kijiji in Canada?
Can I post an ad for my services on Kijiji.Canada?
I am a teenage girl and i babysit after school for extra money. Where on the internet can I post an ad for my services in Canada? Is Kijiji.Canada right?
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