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May 23, 2011

Kijiji is an online classified advertisement website which was launched as the subsidiary of Ebay in 2005. Kijiji is also known as and is available in more than many cities in US, Canada, China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and other countries. Just like other classifieds, Kijiji also allows its users to post classifieds for buying and selling of any items from books, clothing to cars and even real estate properties. The users can post an advertisement for both buying and selling in the website that too free of cost.

The most important feature of Kijiji is that the users can access the websites of the specific cities. For example, for the users who live in city of Calgary, may go to the website: and either post an advert for selling of different products or can also browse through different advertisements for the items he is looking for. A person may buy used Calgary cars or look for the flats/houses which he would like to take on rent. Apart form these, Kijiji Calgary jobs help the users to land in the right job available in the city. Kijiji also provides services such as resume building and personal dating services within a city.

To post an advertisement, the user is required to sign up for an account and login into the My Kijiji Calgary section of the website. The classified is very useful and is of great importance for the users. It brings buyers and sellers in the same platform.

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Is Kijiji in Calgary efficient to buy or sell stuff?
I live in the Calgary area and need to sale a few things piled up at home, and buy some too. Is Kijiji a good website to do all that?
Is Calgary included in to buy items?
My parents just moved to Calgary and they will need to buy a few items. Do you think they can use or is it only in the States?
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