Kijiji, the free classifieds in Toronto

October 17, 2008

Traditionally, classified ads have been the newspapers business, holding costs in conjunction with advertisements. But Internet jeopardized this business, as it began to emerge sites of free classified ads that were much more accessible for people, for those who want to place ads and to those who read it. And one of these places is Kijiji a web that has from Halifax to Brampton ads in all the categories that you could imagine: from paints and televisions to cars and pets. Any type of item and service is at this site, whose address in internet is

One of the categories of Kijiji is their personals adds, a way to get in touch with other people and have dates with others and have the possibility to know someone special. In this section of Kijiji you can meet someone that lives in Manitoba, like you, or you may choose someone from another city. But you can only do this if you are over 18 years. Browse through this interesting site if you do can’t find what you're looking in the newspapers classifieds ads and always look for the most convenient for you.

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What is the website Kijiji all about?
I have a whole bunch of old records that I want to sell. My friend told me about something called Kijiji. What is the website Kijiji all about?
What is the url for www.Kijiji in Canada?
I like the site Kijiji. It is free and really easy to use. I have one problem though; I can never remember the address. What is the url for Kijiji in Canada?
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