December 21, 2009

Kaydol by definition means to be; enlisted, enrolled, enter, sign up or check in, in the Turkish language. Kaydol is an advertising website, designed by Siteground web hosting and powered by Joomla templates. Kaydol website is in the Turkish language, but with the help of Google translate, a non-Turkish can still use it very well. Kaydol offers a wide variety of services under the same roof, but its major dealing is in advertisements. A company’s full profile can be located under the tab company directory on Kaydol.

There is a service known as employment seekers where an employee and an employer are meant to meet. Here an employer will post an available job post while the employee will get the necessary details and contacts on how to make the application. My visit to Kaydol made me see another interesting service know as ask friends, this time round not the employer and employee but a lover and a lover are meant to connect and grow. Links, contacts and specifications are given to prospect spouses. Other services include Indian films, movies and music download.

In order to make direct contact with the Kaydol websites administrator, there is a contact form, which will directly reach the administrator himself. This for getting quicker responses incase one needs that. Being a one screen shot website, Kaydol easily loads and makes it navigation very fantastic, as all categories have been grouped into definite groups. But as it is in all websites, all terms and conditions of Kaydol will surely have to apply.

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What is the origin and meaning of the word kaydol?
What is the meaning of the word “kaydol”? I came across this word many times, but don’t know what it means and what is its origin.
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