What Is A Kamado And Why Do You Need One?

Kim Kennedy
August 17, 2009

Kamado grills were traditionally installed inside Japanese homes. The principle of kamado cooking is to cook food in ceramics but over a charcoal fire, or any fire source including wood. The kamado principle has now been taken and adapted for Western use. You get the Primo kamado which is suitable for indoor or outdoor cooking, depending on the model you choose.

There are many advantages to cooking in a kamado cooker. Apart from the fun of cooking around a kamado, the food simply tastes better. There is greater moisture retention in the food, and the food prepared in a kamado grill do not dry out as they tend to do in metal, gas or electric grills. There is no shrinkage and there is no flavor of gas or petrol, as with other grills. A kamado is flexible, and can be used as a kamado smoker.

A kamodo offers proper convection cooking. It is the same as cooking in a very fine domestic oven. In addition, the radiation in the round ceramic container leads to even cooking. Probably the key feature of a kamado is that it is made of ceramic, which is a favorite cookware in many cultures. If you are designing a new house or renovating an existing one, look at the possibility of incorporating kamado cookers into your indoor and outdoor lifestyle. If in the future you sell your house, the presence of a
kamado bbq will definitely increase the value. Meanwhile, you will be able to cook healthy and delicious meal in a sociable way with friends and family.

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