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Emilie Giguère
April 4, 2007

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Invitation cards are sent to people when you want them to assist to an event organized by you.

A sample letter of invitation can be found on the Internet. Remember that a letter of invitation should encourage guests to attend to your event and it can also define the role the invitee will have. Included in the letter are a description of the event, list of the activities and hotel addresses where guests can go to if they plan to stay overnight.

It is easy to guess that a birthday party invitation has the function of inviting someone to a birthday party. Custom invitations can be ordered through the Internet and people have the possibility to choose among different models of cards. Free printable kid birthday invitation is also available on the Internet.

Wedding invitation cards come in different models, which include classic or contemporary cards, cards decorated with flowers or hearts, religious cards and layered cards. The price of a set of wedding cards depends on the materials used. If you do not have inspiration about what to put on your wedding invitation card, you will be glad to know that wedding invitation wording samples are numerous on the Internet.

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How to make birthday invitation card?
Where can I find beautiful models of free birthday invitation cards ? I would also need an invitation text idea. Thank you.
Invitation card model for a 50th anniversary ?
My dad will soon turn 50 and i would like to note it by having a nice supper at my place. I want to send invitation cards, but i don't know what to write in it. Are there any models of invitation card that i could copy?
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