Purpose of informal methods of education: what makes informal essential to learning?

May 14, 2010

Like formal, informal methods of education have varied forms of learning as far as real life is concerned. This kind of learning is a direct form of learning which one can learn from real experiences either personal or others experiences. This maybe involved in social or community organizations, let’s say friends, they may share their life’s experiences with you, how they handled their feelings and overcome from different situations. If you have the same or similar experiences with them, they maybe able encourage you to respond to situations and help you what to do. You maybe able learn also from specialist, educators and other professionals who will able to bring insights and other ways of working, you can teach yourself while engaging of learning projects with them.

Other informal methods of education are through reading books and magazines, and even helping of people. Reading of different reading materials may help you upgrade your skills and may give you additional knowledge in any areas of life. Helping people also may help you, the more you help the more you learn where you are able to go with the flow, and help yourself pick up from their experiences that may interest you. Learning from others is not only referring to those who have achieved more than us but also learning from young people, children and adults. This kind of learning is unpredictable as we maybe able unaware at times to where this might lead. In other words, we maybe unprepared for what comes, we based only from the deeper thoughts from others and in touch with their feelings. On the other side’s perspective, this may heed us into rewarding areas as there’s always a chance; a chance to connect our questions or issues to others that may help us more rather than what we significantly think. These are the informal methods of education that help us create opportunities from what we have taught.

Overall, informal methods of education takes place in any areas, may involve exploring and enlarging activities and driven by conversation.

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