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Preetam Kaushik
December 9, 2008

index jpg
Jpg is among the most common method for the compressions of photographic images. Jpg can be used to obtain jpg compression of about 10:1 without much detectable loss in the quality of the image. The amount of compression obtained can be easily adjusted by compromising on the image size and the image quality. The jpg compression is a lossy compression which means that there is always some permanent reduction in quality during the compression. The most common file extensions that use jpg compression is .jpeg and .jpg.

Jpg images can be viewed using a jpg viewer which also enables the zooming and panning of the images. The jpg viewer is easily available on the internet and can be downloaded easily. Unlike other image extensions, jpg files can also be edited. All you need to de is download a jpg editor and enjoy editing your favorite photographic images the way you want to.

Some of the other file extensions that can be used to store high quality photographic images are bmp and gif. Though very popular themselves, jpg offers much better quality compared to both the file extensions. It is very easy to convert bmp to jpg or convert gif to jpg extension files. You just need to do is download a bmp to jpg converter from the internet. But when images are converted from the other formats into jpg and saved, there is always some loss in quality of the image. Being lossy in nature, this reduction in quality is permanent and can not be recovered again.

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index jpg

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