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June 20, 2009

You are talking to your friends in a coffee shop discussing about a recent movie and the discussion prolongs to a point where all of you are talking seriously about movies of the 60’s.And suddenly you are stuck at something trying to recollect about a movie name but just not able to . Do not be lost all day thinking about the name of that movie. just log in to www imdb com and search for the movies of the 60’s with name of the cast or the director and bang you are there on the page .all the information of the movie ,storyline cast , and even the reviews of the movie

Imdb as its normally called is internet movie database, a website with all the info of the movies that came right from the beginning of the movie history. Search for the name of the movie you want to know and Imdb movie list will give you all the info about the movies with that name in the title. You can even search for the actors in Imdb and the directory of all the movies, which that actor has done, will appear to u on screen.

Searching for a movie on Imdb is a piece of cake .just type in Imdb the name of the movie for example type in house Imdb or voice Imdb and everything about the movie will pop in front of you. You can even watch Imdb trailer of the movies that have released in the recent times in low and high quality videos. Moreover, yes I finally found the name of the movie we were talking about by typing semi pro Imdb.

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  1. Ruby 2009-10-15 20:23:16

    Default MOVIE NAME????????? About two 14 year old girls who accidently find a phone which has all the celebrities phone numbers. They call madonna........ the main actress was 16 when she did this movie....... now she's 21- 23

Imdb.com fired up 2009
I would like to know what these imdb.com guys have to offer. Do you think their data on fired up is the latest? I am also searching for fired up trailers.
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