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September 3, 2008

If we speak of film encyclopedias we can not ignore the largest database in the world: IMBD (Internet Movie Data Base). This page contains the most complete information of all the films, actors, actresses, directors, music composers and writers of movies and television on the planet.

At its website, www imbd com, you can find the synopsis of any film you want to remember, and it is very easy, because thanks to its search engine is very quick to do so. To put a portion of the title almost in an instant you will read the information that you are looking for. Or maybe search the complete filmography of any actor, director or screenwriter. For example, if you want to know who was the main actor in Eragon put in imbd only this word and you will see the pictures, the year of his released and his main protagonist:Garrett Hedlund. Also that the singer Joss Stone did a small part in the movie. The same will happen if you're looking for television series or even if you're looking for another singer, like Fergie in imbd.

It is so complete that even has taglines and the awards to which it was nominated, those who won and what category.

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