Host a car wash

February 28, 2010

Are you trying to raise money for a cause? One way that you can do so is to host a car wash! When you host a car wash you will often be able to raise a lot of money for whatever you may need to! Car washes are an excellent type of fundraiser because so many people love to have a nice, clean car to drive! You should consider hosting a car wash for your very next fundraiser!

When you are going to host a car wash, it may help you to do some advertising before hand! This way you can get peoples' attention and you can really get a good turn out of customers once you have your car wash! One way that you can let people know ahead of time is to spread the word! Word of mouth is a great way to get people to know about the car wash that you will be hosting!

When you host a car wash you should also make sure that you plan it on a day where the weather is nice! In fact, it is best if you plan your car wash for a week that is filled with nice weather! This way the day that you have your car wash will be nice as well as some of the days after that! The better the weather the more customers you are going to have! When you host a car wash you will have fun and be helping people out!

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