Finding Your Dream Horse in Horse Classifieds

Madge T
July 29, 2009

You took riding lessons when you were little tyke. Your favorite part of summer camp was the group riding drills. You have gone to horse shows every year and thrilled as you saw the blue ribbon winner anointed. Now it’s time for you to find your own horse. You open the local paper and go to “horses for sale classifieds” to start your search.

The first thing you find as you search the dream horse classifieds is a bit of confusion. You find yourself wondering if you should be looking at horse trailer classifieds; what kind of transportation will this creature need and can you afford it? Then you get lost in the horse tack classifieds realizing that you have forgotten the difference between a snaffle and a curb bit. Time to put first things first. Your tack, riding outfit, and method of transporting your yet-to-be-purchased equine companion are not important right now. You need to read turn to the horse classified ads and focus on your search for the right horse.

You have probably settled on the breed that you want. You also know what you can afford to pay. And this is not the first time you browsed the horse for sale classifieds; it is just the first time you have been serious about it. As you look at the many advertisements and realize just how much a horse can cost, you begin to wonder if you should back out of your decision. Rest rest assured, being a horse owner has unalloyed joys. But expecting that a free horse classifieds ad will lead to your dream horse is not one of them. And then comes the moment. You decide to browse “horse classifieds com” online. There she is, a chestnut quarter horse mare, at your price from a farm that you know and in a town nearby. You pick up the phone to make an appointment to see her, but you know in your heart your decision is made!

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Steps of riding horse
I want to learn how to ride a horse. Can you help me by telling all the required steps and how to maintain?
How can we post classifieds in kijiji classifieds for Toronto?
Hi, my friend wants to post some classifieds. How is the kijiji classifieds for Toronto? How can we post classifieds in the website? Thanks.
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