Picking Hair Dryers

Rachel W
October 6, 2009

Hair dryers are one the world's great inventions for saving time in the morning. Despite the fact that they all may cut down on your early morning routine, they are not all created equal. Some hair dryers are better than others for fine hair or coarse hair, and different technologies can create different results. Wall mount hair dryers, like the kinds found in every hotel, are traditionally just the basic ceramic dryers that are heated by electric coils. People often tend to buy a travel hair dryer of the same caliber as those hotel hair dryers, but shouldn't let their hair get inferior quality on vacation.

Many people want a professional hair dryer. The best professional hair dryer is one that heats and cools rapidly and has a metal ring around the outside of the barrel for rapid cooling. Professional dryers are becoming increasingly diverse. A tourmaline hair dryer is made from crushed tourmaline, a semi-precious gemstone that has ionic as well as infrared properties, and these are frequently found in beauty salons. Ionic hair dryers are great for controlling frizz and preventing damage. The best ionic hair dryer could arguably be the Chi hair dryer, a company which specializes in ionic energy dryers.

Some of the best known companies are branching into creating ionic hair dryers, but doing it on a drugstore budget. A Conair hair dryer can run on ionic energy and will be available in drugstores and big department stores, such as Shoppers Drug Mart and Wal-Mart. The Babyliss company has also begun manufacturing ionic dryers. A Babyliss hair dryer with ionic energy will only run you about $60 and can be purchased on the internet or in a retail store.

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