Grease the movie is a must see for everyone!

May 28, 2007

You say, you haven´t seen grease! grease the movie is a must see for everyone! It came out in 1978 and is about a group of high school guys that hang out with these girls from high school. In comes a new girl from Australia and the group loves her new outlook. One of the guys falls in love with her and the rest is history as they say.Grease is an all time favorite film and play.

The musical came out first and takes its name from a gang of the 50’s called the greasers. It wasn´t that popular a musical until the movie came out. At the time of the filming they didn't beleive that it would be so popular.That even today it would be popular. the movie review states that today it is ranked #20 among all time musical films. How did they cast the film? John travolta was perfect for grease, and the movie made his career, athough he was already somewhat famous for his role in saturday night fever.. And Olivia Newton John will always be remembered for her rendition of summer night.

The movie is stated as being the musical that has grossed the most amount of money ever, and the musical grease is still an all time favorite among teenagers. And even grease costumes during halloween are popular with children.

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